Dragomon Reborn


This place used to be a city of dragon people full of life... That was already tens of thousands of years ago, and now the land of exile is the place sealed by the Dark Dragon King. It is a barren place with only rocks and sand except for a few oases. The followers of the Dark Dragon King have lived here for many years. Now the Dragon King and humans of the Lava Fortress have stepped into this land to challenge the Dark Dragon King. As the leader of the Lava Fortress, how will the Fire Dragon King Etna deal with it? The rebellion of the Dark Dragon Messenger Rainier? How does von Beyer, who was once the Marshal of the Empire, deal with the conflict between the Empire and the city of Pala? How will the hunter of Goshawk's Eye open a way out for the distrustful coalition forces under the ruthless attack of the Dark Dragon Army?


The Dark Dragon King, once one of the most powerful dragon kings in ancient times, also possesses the power to destroy all things. The skill "soul grinding" displayed can completely wipe out the enemies in front of him from this world. It is rumored that as long as the hunter possesses strong courage and strength, he will be able to risk his life to hunt down the Dark Dragon King to obtain the rare materials, and the top-notch blacksmith can also make rare materials, which will be transformed into weapons with the mysterious power of the Dark Dragon King , armor.


Black Iron Prison
Iron Rose, like the mythical iron-blooded woman "Rosie Farah", has a tenacious spirit, extraordinary planning ability and ruthless and decisive execution ability, making her a fearsome but proud flower on the battlefield; now She erected the imperial flag outside the prison of the Dark Dragon King, waiting for hunters from all directions to challenge her and the imperial army... Can you survive this blow?
Forbidden Tomb of the Dragon
Not far from the land of exile, there is a continent full of dragons. This place has always been a forbidden place for human beings to step into. But the entire continent was destroyed, and it is said that the world's most vicious dragon king "Aclips" is sealed inside. Now, with the disappearance of the sealing power, the evil dragon is about to wake up, can you prevent the disaster from coming?